My wife Sampa and I went on a tour from U.S.A via New Delhi/Kathmandu in May of 2005. Our preparation started in Nov/Dec 2004 when Sampa took the initiative contacting tour companies, reading web sites, mailing many individuals to gather information about the trip. Finally, we decided on Abhiyan Tours in New Delhi based on feedback and recommendations that we received from many different people. Our cost for the journey from Nepal was $1800 per person for a tour that lasted 17 days. However, the price did not include special clothing and other accessories that was required to survive the weather conditions in Tibet. Furthermore, we needed Nepal and Chinese Visa which our tour company helped in getting them on arrival at Kathmandu and Tibet.

This was not a Government Tour but Private Tour arranged by a private company. Usually the tour is conducted each year between the months of May and August. On an interesting note, we timed our trip so that we could reach Manosorovar on a special full moon day, Lord Buddha's Birth day. Imagine you are there on the peak, standing in-front of Manosarovar and the full moon is rising. KailashPati is beholding you and everything.

You won't find any person there polluting the Lake, no boat, no pollution, no sources of irritation, just simple serenity.

Tibet is a very dry area. No rain. We prepared by purchasing all of our clothing from REI(Receational Equipment Inc) store in U.S. Our garments included 3 layers: inside thermals, fleece middle and gortex outside for both upper body and lower body and gortex boots for footwear. Physically we had to prepare for 6 months in which time we were enrolled in a gym, and incline walked everyday. On our journey we had a cook, Sharmaji from Nepal and other helpers who mainly helped with moving around luggage. They carried all food, vegetables and our luggage in a separate truck. There was plenty of dry food like power bars that we carried with us. Sharmaji supplied us with hot chai, lunch and dinner. Kailash Parikrama(go round the mountain) takes 3 days to complete. It is about 54 K.M. Due to bad weather we could not do Parikrama. Many other groups also could not do it. ManoSarovar is nearly 19,000 ft high. High Altitude sickness can happen there.

Tibet area map is given below (taken from Lonely Planet book)

Map of the area

The path we followed

Pictute of MANSAROVAR taken on 23rd May, 2005 (Premendra standing near Sarovar)

Pictute of Mt KAILASH

At Kathmandu, we stayed at Hyatt Regncy. It is a beautiful hotel; Here is the picture;

Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal

Buddha Stupa in Nepal

Buddha Stupa in Nepal

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