olympic villiage

This is the site for Ancient Olympic games declared in 776 BC. The games were open to Greek males and were dedicated to the God Zeus. It used to be held every 4 years and lasted for 1000 years. Originally only Greeks were allowed to participate in the games but later Romans were permitted. The festival was used to be held in the first full moon of August. The games were held for the last time in 394 AD. In 426 AD the temples of Olympia were destroyed. Modern Olympic games were instituted in 1896. The Olympic flame is lit at this Ancient site and carried by runners to the destination city where the games are held.

Many earthquakes over the centuries destroyed all the temples. Still little remains of exists is enough to sustain an absorbing visit to the ancient site. The first visit encountered to Gymnasium (on the right) dated from 2nd century BC.Next to this is the workshop where the statue of Zeus was sculpted. The most important building is the 5th century Temple of Zeus. The stadium lies to the east of the temple. ancient olympic site 2
Ancient Olympic Site The stadium entrance gate is still existing The start and finish lines of the 120m sprint track is visible and the judges seats still survive. The stadium could seat nearly 45,000 spectators. Women were not allowed to see the games. Olympia village had a fountain house to supply fresh water .There were 12 treasures stretched to the stadium each built by the city-state for use as storehouse.

The Olympia Archaeological Museum is the place we started with. It has a superb collection of many excavated statues, scale site model of this olympia village. Most of the statues are made of marble.Lots of collections are kept in the museum. Attached are examples of some of them. Please roll over your mouse on the picture to see another picture.

Statues in Museum
Sampa&me in Olympia After visiting the Archeological Museum and the entire Ancient Olympic Site, we stayed overnight in a nice hotel nearby, Rolling over your mouse on this picture will bring my picture
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