Excellent Bridge opened during 2004 Greece Olympic


Hadrean Temple: It was built in 128 AD and was named after the Emperor Hadrians. This temple was in korinth order and consisted of a cellar and a platform in the front. There is a head of the city goddess "Tykhe" embroidered on the keystone on the pediment arch.

The Entrance to Acropolis is from the west and the building was erected in the years 437-432 BC. This temple was dedicated to Goddess Athena. All the upper part of the temple was decorated Perthanon picture
The Olympic Stadium used in 1896 AD This is the first in recent olympics. There held another one in 2004. New stadiums were build at that time.

This Theater hall was built in Perth anon. The acoustics was very high standard. Main performances used to be held here.

Theater hall at Perthanon
Southern Part of Athens

The southern part of Athens is really beautiful. We were passing by this Aegean sea.