Parthenon Temple at Acropolis in Athens (as seen from our hotel)
This legacy of Perthanon Temple was completed in 434 BC

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Sampa and I, went to Greece/Turkey in July, 2008. Trafalgar, tour company conducted our tour along with other 28 people from different countries. We had 5 days of Greece Land Tour followed by 7 days of Greece Island and Turkey tour by cruise (Total 17 days). Our flight was from San Francisco to Athens via Zurich, Switzerland. Our expense for the tour was $2700/per person+ $300(for specific selected sight seeing) for Trafalgar Tour company + $2000 Airfare per person. Total expense for both of us was approximately $10,000.

Louis cruise ship, Cristal, sailed from Piraeus port in Athens. The ship had 10 stories with all modern amenities. Our room was on 7th floor with big windows on the ocean side. There were lots of food on 3 floors of the ship in different times of the day.We had very good ocean view big room with big windows.


Greece is a country with a hallowed past. Parthenon, Olympia, Socrates, Pythagoras, Archimedes, Homer(Elyus & Odessy), Alexander, the Great etc etc are among many other famous figures in human history. Each one of these deserves hours of discussion with awe and wonder.

Some important dates:

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Athens: The Greek capital, crowned with the magnificent Perthanon temple at Acropolis is now a wealthier metropolitan city. Athens golden age started in 477 BC. It was conquered by Philips II, father of Alexandar the Great. Alexander favored Athens over other cities for its culture. Then it came under Romans and Byzantine rule. Ottomans(Turks) captured Athens in 1456 AD and ruled for 400 years. War of Independence started in 1871. It is an Independent country since 1834. 1896 and 2004 Olympic games were held here.

Parthanon Temple