Way to Ephesus in Kusadasi


Hadrean Temple: It was built in 128 AD and was named after the Emperor Hadrians. This temple was in korinth order and consisted of a cella and a platform in the front. There is a head of the city goddess "Tykhe" embroydered on the keystone on the pediment arch.

The Grand Bazar, in Turkey is the oldest and largest covered market in the world. It was built in 1461, has 60 lanes and nearly 4000 shops. The whole buiding is nicely decorated. People can bargain here for almost any item. Lots of jewellary shops mostly very big and lots of ornaments are unique in the market. Sampa bought bangel from one shop here. The main street
The Celsus Library The CELSUS Library stand at the end of kurets street on a square. It was built in 2nd century BC.

The Great Theater was built by making use of the elevation of the mount Panayer.It is one major theatical structure of the antique era. It is dated back in 1st century BC.

The Great Theater
Road to harbor

The Marbel Street. It is connected between Hadrian Gate and the Theater. It is called Marbel street as it is covered with white marbel.