sunset at santorini

Santorini from cruise

This is the view of Santorini Island from our ship. As the ship approaches the Island, the top of the hill appeared covered with snow. But there is no snow on the top, they are all beautiful white painted houses.

The Santorini City on top of the hill. All houses are painted white and windows and doors are blue. Many houses have domes Typical Houses at Santorini
Santorini City The Santorini City. It is situated on the top of the hill. There is almost nothing on foothill.

We came down from the top of the hill along this path. Some people took horses and some used rope way.

Downhill path
Sampa and Premen at Santorini

Sampa is standing near a shop on the top of Santorini city. The whole city is so clean and beautiful. I am standing (please rollover your mouse on the picture) on the cruise balcony looking at the Santorini Island.